Roto Experts (aka RotoX) is headed by award-winning designer Celliers Kruger. He is known for solving manufacturing puzzles, and as an accomplished kayaker, kayak designer and book author.

Celliers is a mechanical engineer, who has specialised in the design and rotomoulding of complex products for the past 19 years. Amongst his accomplishments is the creation of two kayak companies that manufacture whitewater and recreational kayaks for local and international markets.

Celliers’ quest for a new adventure led to the creation of RotoX. He thrives on design challenges.

In the RotoX office and on the factory floor, a team of skilled workers are hands-on with every project. From metal work to rotomoulding, fitting and finishing, they have the experience to produce high-quality products where attention to detail is critical.

Together, Celliers and his manufacturing crew are able to turn your concept into reality.